Fitnesstips to gain weight

Tips to gain weight quickly and safely

   Two-thirds of the world’s people are either overweight or bulky. However, being too skinny is considered as bad for your health as being fat. There is so much information about weight loss but how do you act to achieve weight gain? Here we listed some effective tips to gain weight fast. (1,2)

Eat more food

The best way to increase weight

      The best way to increase weight eats more calories than your body can burn. But a common mistake is that maximum people go by their feelings.

     Your metabolism is much faster than you think. First of all, You need to know how much your body needs to increase weight.

     Keep a record of everything you eat to know how much calories you consume each day. You might overestimate your calorie intake If you go with your senses.

      In the first week, you will be struggling to eat all the calories you need to get weight. Maybe after two weeks, your stomach is stretched and begins to get too hungry.

Track your weight gain prograss

    Weigh yourself each week to monitor how you are progressing. Malnourished people will gain weight suddenly in the first week due to increased bowel content and weight from the excess water as well.

        Eat the same if you gain weight. If you do not gain weight, you need to add more calories every week to your daily intake until the weight increases.

        A skinny person with low muscle mass burns fewer calories than one with a higher muscle mass. Thus, a person with no muscle will need fewer calories to gain weight than a more masculine person.

What should we eat to gain weight ?

       Protein is essential for muscle structure and recovery. The following are the best protein sources to gain weight such as whole egg, breast, tuna, chicken, steaks, and cheese.

        If you want to build your body muscles, you will need at least one gram of proteins for a pound of body weight per day.

        however, you must keep in mind that some people won’t gain weight or muscles without getting fat.(1,2,3)

Calories to gain weight

Weight gain progrom

     You have been eating less for years. Thus, your abdomen is small.

     You should take at least 1,500 calories a day to get weight. It is easier to take 300 calories in 5 meals than you have 500 calories in 3 foods.

Weight gain meal plan

      Create a weight gain meal plan. You are given 16 hours to eat without 8 sleeping hours. Create a schedule of how you will get the 5 meals in the 16 hours.

How to gain weight in a healthy way ?

   lifting weight is helpful to gain weight in a healthy way for people trying to gain weight because it triggers the body to construct muscle mass.

      You should burn the excess calories by doing exercise, Otherwise, those unburned calories will be stored as fat around your waistline. your aim is to be muscular and not chubby.

Food to increase weight

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    Simply adding some food to increase weight on your diet will make your weight gains healthier and more effective

Milk: milk nutrition

       Drinking milk is an excellent way to add protein to your diet. It includes casein and whey proteins. It gives a good balance of carbs, proteins, and fats, which is a good source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Milk is used as a weight gainer or muscular builder. (1,2,3,4,5)

Nuts and Nut Butters

       Nuts and nut butter is a delicious, and high-calorie dish. It’s great for you, it’s easy to add different snacks or food.   

        A small handy almond has 7 grams of protein and 18 g of healthy fats. It’s very calorie-dense and able to add up to hundreds of calories per day.  

        If you want to gain weight, nuts and nut butter are the perfect choices to gain weight. (1)

Red Meats

      Red meat is an excellent source of protein that will help you to get muscles.

       It contains an amino acid and leucine that helps to stimulate muscle protein structure.

      In addition, red meats are one of the greatest natural sources of dietary creatine food in the world’s finest muscular-building packaging. (1,2,3)

Oily Fish

    Tuna, salmon and other oil-fish are an excellent source of incredibly healthy omega-3 fats. It also provides you with high-quality protein to build muscles. (1,2)

The best fruits for weight gain

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Avocado : nutritional value of avocado

        Avocados are rich in healthy fats and nutrients.

     A large avocado contains about 322 calories, 29 g of fat and 17 g of fiber.

   Unlike other whole fruits, avocado is a great diet to help calories-concentrate so it is the best fruit for weight gain. (1)

Banana: benefits of eating banana daily

     Intake of two bananas daily provides you 200 calories naturally. Therefore, Bananas are recommended healthy fruit for weight gain.

  In addition to this, bananas include vitamins, calcium, iron, and magnesium which boost the immune system of the body and help the strong bones. (1)

Mango: benefits of mangos

     The mango is full of vitamin and magnesium content, which help to gain weight. It also helps to increase immunity.

      Because of the high sugar content, increase weight gain. If milk or some cream is combined, the mangoes will be a wonderful supplement to get weight quickly.(1)

Sweet-corn: sweet corn nutrition facts

     Sweet-corn is an excellent food to gain weight. 

  Sweet-corn protein levels are high, therefore when you digest the cooked kernels of this fruit, you will feel hungry after a few times.

       So, if you eat it, it increases your appetite. (1,2,3)

Figs: benefits of figs

      Figs that add lots of calories to your body. Getting a few figs every day will provide some essential vitamins and fibers on your body.

     The fig is high in sugar connecting, which adds a lot of pounds to your body.

     In addition, consuming some figs with some raisins and fibers will help to gain weight quickly. (1,2,3)


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