Hi, Friends!  Allow me to formally introduce myself to you:
  My Name is Vinoth Selvaraj I am a man who is passionate about technology and Digital marketing.

   Formally educated as an Engineer, I am now a Blogger by profession. I finished my primary education with our lady of Health higher secondary school in 2008 and got my degree in Master of  Computer Application from the College of Engineering Guindy in 2017.

   Prior to becoming a professional blogger, I worked with Comodo as Malware Research Analyst in India. I was about to begin a new venture with Comodo, when in Dec 2017 I made the decision and commitment to become a professional blogger.

    Computers and technology have been my passion since I was a child I began my new venture by writing a few blogs and authoring articles in several communities on technology. I started with full time blogging on the day I established “TeaBreaakNow”

   I am a common guy who enjoys living life to the fullest. I love to travel, eat food and meet people, and enjoy having a quality conversation related to health and fitness, marketing and the fine art of living.

  I have a network of Blogs under the main brand “TeaBreaakNow”, and I blog for passion. Here, at TeaBreaakNow, I share what I have